After Grammy, Ed Sheeran continued to be big loser at the Brit Awards

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Sold 12.8 million records, but male singer “Shape of You” was nominated for music awards in 2017 almost forgot. He lost both Grammy and “Grammy England”.

At the Brit Awards (2018), Ed Sheeran shines on stage with the song “Supermarket Flowers” but loses in most important categories.

In particular, Ed Sheeran was nominated for several awards but only won in the category Global Success. According to the BBC, this category is based on commercial success rather than professional recognition.

Ed Sheeran

Left, Sheeran completely failed in the major categories such as Best Male, Best Album, Best Single and Best Music Video. In both the top male artist category and the best UK album, Sheeran lost to Stormzy, a hip-hop artist not as popular as him in the international arena.

The BBC said it was difficult to explain that Ed Sheeran was in turn Grammy and Brit Awards “ravaged” despite the fact he was one of the most famous international superstars last year. It seems that the critics are not satisfied with Sheeran despite his popularity with the international public and the audience.

Ed Sheeran

While Sheeran was defeated, the Brit Awards this year saw the rise of young singer Dua Lipa. She won the double of the award in two major categories as the best female artist and breakthrough artist. 2017 is the year of success with Lupa when she has super hit New Rules.

In addition, the Brit Awards this year also noted the success of Harry Styles, a former member of the group One Direction (the group was the winner of the award for best group of artists a few years ago). Styles won Best British Music Video for his single, Sign of the Times.

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