‘Fever’ real estate investment Nam Phu Quoc right at the beginning of the year

Chồng bạn say sỉn suốt ngày, công việc bỏ bê, đã có ngay giải pháp. Bạn bị Viêm gan lâu năm, đây là sản phẩm giúp bạn Nhiễm HIV nay đã có thuốc chữa trị
Bạn khổ sở vì yếu sinh lý, đã có giải pháp Thoái hóa cột sống nay không còn là nổi lo

In contrast to the fear of “down capital” to buy real estate after the Lunar New Year, this year the market recorded a series of successful transactions, which focused on resort property funds in the potential tourism market in Phu Quoc

Property 2018: vibrant immediately after the Lunar New Year

On the 10th of January, Mr. Manh Thang (Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) took the initiative to contact a real estate agent to set up a villa in Phu Quoc. “I bought the Sun Premier Village Kemping Beach Resort near the sea, which cost about $ 27 billion. This deal needs to “beat fast win” because the investor is preferential to nearly 3 billion minus the price immediately if the early payment of 70%, while I refer to know the project was too hot, villa number very few. The “lixi” nearly 3 billion that only the new year, “Thang shared.

Information from many real estate agents show that real estate transactions are not as exciting as this year. It is because, Tet this year later than every year, right after Tet has come March – month fortune of the real estate market.

The psychology of real estate investors is to select large projects preferential early but must ensure high security for cash flow. Many investors often apply for gold, but there are also preferential projects donated to billions of billion makes the market early “fever”.

Stephen Wyatt, General Director of JLL Vietnam, said that real estate deals accounted for 20% of all successful transactions across all segments and across all segments. In anticipation of investment opportunities, many regional and international management companies are actively looking for resort and hotel management in Vietnam. For example, JW Marriott (Phu Quoc & Da Nang), Sol House of Melia (Phu Quoc), Four Points (Da Nang), Raddison Blu and Mövenpick (Cam Ranh), Holiday Inn and Hilton (Ho Chi Minh City) …

Real estate market survey, experts can see the experts on the strong development of the holiday segment in 2018 increasingly clear. Investors sprung up early in March in all segments, but successful deals still focus largely on resort property funds in the potential tourism market in Phu Quoc.

Cause is explained that the growth of Ngoc island tourism in 2017 when the milestone of 3 million visitors, recently is the strong impact from the inauguration of the longest cable car Hon Thom in the world on February 4 / 2018, pulling thousands of visitors to come here every day.

Southern Phu Quoc: “gold market”

Phu Quoc is the hottest market in the first months of 2018 not out of the experts. Understanding the new South Island market, investors are pouring money into the relatively few funds of Bai Kem villa is inevitable. In general, the South Island is gradually positioned to become a paradise for tourism, relaxation and entertainment upstream, promising to welcome the luxury line in the world.

In 4/2018, the super resort to Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort in Mui Ooc Hamlet will open and welcome the first guests to enjoy the luxury resort services provided by AccorHotels leading hotel management group. . The future is also not far away from the resort project Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort is being urgently invested to build Kem Beach – one of the most beautiful beach in Ngoc island.

In terms of planning, investing in South Phu Quoc resort is a welcome ahead of the future when Phu Quoc has been clearly oriented to develop three large urban areas namely Duong Dong, An Thoi and Cua Can. Golf course, racetrack, casino and many international 5 star resorts … More great prospects as soon as Phu Quoc officially became a special economic zone, it is obvious that the area will be “golden egg” .

Another reason is the attraction from the resort project itself designed “fashion village”, by the Sun Group Investment in Kem Beach. Exceptional financial leverage: 0% interest rate subsidy for loans up to 70% of villa value, 24-month grace period, makes it easy to invest in million dollars. initial capital of 6 billion.

And yet, the policy of a minimum profit of 9% during the 15 years of the investor makes the profitability of Bai Kem Villas worth the dream. After 15 years of commitment, investors will have a profit of at least 28 billion. That is not taking into account the value added of coastal real estate, but according to investors calculated, the momentum of land prices increase firmly.

According to economist Nguyen Tri Hieu, “investment has three main objectives: safety, profitability and liquidity … Real estate investment in 2018, I think of all three factors.” Of course, to reach all three “legs”, investors need to know “choose to send gold”, targeting projects with good location, reputable investors, products on the difference. market…

Comparing these factors, it is clear that the resort has many advantages such as Beach Kem, South Phu Quoc is not easy to find. This explains why just launched in mid-2017 so far, fund Beach Villas were very scarce, while the hot spots have not stopped.

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