‘Bailando’ – Latin song was more popular than ‘Despacito’

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In April of this year, Enrique Iglesias’ hit ‘Bailando’ was the first Latin music video to hit two billion YouTube views after three years of release.

It was not until Despacito quickly surpassed Gangnam Style, See You Again and climbed to the top of the rankings on YouTube, that they had a chance to look at the list of the top 10 most viewed videos of all time.

There was a surprise at No. 8 when Bailando, a Latin song with approximately 2.2 billion views, has been here for a long time without any signs of falling. Despacito’s success over the past six months has been like a storm, wiping away the memories of Latin American musicians.

However, if back to the point of the eye three years ago, Bailando is not a song “mediocre”. And except for the inferiority of Despactio in some respects, this is also evidence of the predictive pull of Latin music.

The hit was rejected

In 2013, Enrique Iglesias, one of the most famous male singers in contemporary Latin music, has abandoned a song he and his longtime collaborator is producing midway through.

The song Bailando was released by Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona on the Internet with fate uncertain, although included with the MV but still not considered a single.

However, after the arrival of Enrique Iglesias, the new version of Bailando made him overwhelmed by the catchy tune and possessed the potential of a hit.

Gente de Zona and I added some ideas, such as ‘I want to be contigo’ and ‘Oh oh oh’ and stuff. new music. ”

And one day, Enrique Iglesias friend contacted him and said, “I’m in the taxi, the radio has a very good song, so listen at any cost.”

The singer then found the song on YouTube and said, “Oh my god, I wrote it myself.” So suddenly, Enrique Iglesias called Descemer to ask, “Hey man, why do not you tell me?”

The story ends with a beautiful ending to the song and its owners. Bailando was officially recognized as a single on Enrique Iglesias’ Sex and Love album.

Universal’s Latin Universal, Luis Estrada, decided to schedule a Bailando release in March in Miami to measure the audience’s response. The figures are very positive in the three Latin music markets.

As soon as the signal, the team quickly promoted the promotion of Bailando for now, the song El Perdedor is still the main. After Enrique Iglesias’ performance at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in April, everyone knew it would hit # 1 on the charts.

“I have a strong belief in Bailando, and as a result, everyone has seen it, and it has become a hit on the radio without the help of anyone.

I have the opportunity to work with David Bisbal, Ricky Martin, and many in Latin America. They want me to write something that sounds like Bailando, “Bueno recounts.

He was grateful to Enrique Iglesias, who had cooperated with him while still unknown. The singer also received the Song of the Year Award, a tribute category for musicians and composers who composed the song at the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards.

Despacito is still hard to overcome

Although not comparable to Despacito’s record on the Billboard Hot 100, Bailando is the longest-running record single of 41 weeks, at the Hot Latin Song.

The track was released in four versions: Brazil, USA, Finland and Portugal. In 2014, Bailando ranked No. 10 on the list of the most successful hits with sales of 8 million.

In the memory of the sports fans, Bailando is also the most impressive hit football World Cup World Cup season. While FIFA has chosen We Are One (Ole Ola) despite the mixed reactions, many people still listen to Bailando and see this is the tone that accompanies them during the 20th season.

One reason Bailando deserves more honor than Despacito is that in 2014, European American music is dominated by many big names such as Taylor Swift (hit Shake it Off, Blank Space Bruno Mars (Uptown Funk), Justin Bieber (Sorry) and Wiz Khalifa (See You Again).

Compared to the present time, all the advantages seem to fall into Despacito 2017 is not very impressive for the music. In Vietnam, Only C has also consumed a lot of paper pens with the song “Banh Chung” written on the beat of Bailando.

With these achievements, it is clear that Despacito’s success is inherited from Bailando. In April of this year, Enrique Iglesias hit was the first Latin music video to hit two billion YouTube views after three years of release.

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